NEWS RELEASE: Strategic Alliance strategic partnership alliance


Software Solutions Corporation strategic partnership alliance with XtremeLabs, and Ascend Education.

Press release no 3, 2021


Dentsville, February 3rd, 2021

Software Solutions Corporation has entered into a strategic partnership alliance with XtremeLabs and Ascend Education to further its international market expansion across the Central, South America with preliminary focus on the North, Central, South America, and Brazil.

Software Solutions Corporation is in the process of integrating the strengths and market penetration of XtremeLabs and Ascend Education. By leveraging the relationship Software Solutions Corporation will be able to deliver their current, solutions, products and services, to a larger audience in the US and Brazil.  As we lead the internationalization arm of our global initiative forward, “We’re very excited to be part of this new alliance and sincerely embrace the opportunity of taking the Software Solutions Corporation, technology, products, and solution to a larger share of the market thru these two new channels, across the North, Central, South America and Brazil…,” says Software Solutions Corporation ’s CFO, Damaris Gondim Garcia.

What is means to Software Solutions Corporation is growth thru partnerships. Ascend Education will take the lead, by integrating our solutions and offering them as a unified channel.  Our alliance provides strength, and what we give the market in turn is a quality product, in the educational market, technology for the modern classroom, multi-lingual courseware in English, Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese, world class LMS system and apps that help the students flourish and collaborate.   We also, revive our unified commitment to provide accessible products to everyone, regardless of the challenges presented to the learner.

Our alliance is committed to our dedication to our partners, customer, and instructors.   XtremeLabs, will enhanced the access by providing the platform for learning. while enhancing the position of Software Solutions Corporation in the global Market.  We offer our patented technology, wealth of knowledge on specific domain and solutions to push our alliance toward mutual and common goals.

The alliance focuses on the strength of each of its members, solutions, for a changing world. Ascend Education LMS system and multi-lingual reach will be enhanced by Software Solutions team of experts in various fields.  While XtremeLabs will offer the hosting of sandboxes for academic learning and experimentation.  Together we will begin to address the educational technology needs of emerging markets.  Beginning in Brazil and quickly moving toward Central and South America.  The Brazilian market is eager to adapt new technology, and modern education, to drive innovation and improve productivity admits a global pandemic. “Being a technology company, means that we’re able to effectively handle everything from product research and development, customer onboarding and support purely in an online environment, to meet global covid-19 restrictions.  Thru this new partnership we’re able to scale our business and expand at a much faster speed than many other Software, OEM, Consulting and training providers. And now we’re starting to see the effects of our internationalization efforts,” says Software Solutions Corporation ’s CEO, Dr. Rigoberto Garcia.

About Software Solutions Corporation

Software Solutions Corporation is a American company founded in 1994 by CFO, founder Dr. Rigoberto Garcia. It has been a closed Wisconsin Corporation since 2000. Today, Software Solutions Corporation is operating across the US, and Brazil Software Solutions Corporation is a cloud-based, best-of-breed, consulting, training, and educational consolidation service provider, standardizes and streamlines the educational process through simple innovative functionality, delivering accurate and timely solutions at a reasonable cost. Software Solutions Corporation is created to service all it customers, regardless of location or cultural disposition. A deep understanding of needs and requirements, urgencies and necessities of our customers and partners will therefore always be what determines the development of the solutions.

About Ascend Education 

Headquartered in the Rocky Mountains, Ascend Education develops the most complete online IT training option for instructors. Our team leverages years of cumulative hands-on experience in the field of technical training and certification. Our combined experience has led us to the following conclusion:


Because you operate in a real instructional setting, you have a unique boots-on-the-ground perspective. We value that perspective. Many instructors contribute to the creation of each of our IT courses. They are continuously refined through the valuable feedback we receive from instructors like you. We invite you to share your experience and insight with us.

You are our partners; together we give students the tools they need to succeed.

About XtremeLabs

For more than 12 years, XtremeLabs, with its global headquarters in Redmond, Washington, has provided IT training environments for Fortune 500 companies and organizations of any size that wish to not only keep their employees on top of the latest technologies but want to increase retention, job satisfaction & spawn innovative ideas to advance the business.

With a library of more than 900 IT lab environments covering industry standards and custom courses, XtremeLabs provides worldwide accessibility to training spanning multiple languages including “Russian, Chinese, German, Japanese, and English”. Currently, students and classes have experienced the benefits of XtremeLabs in more than 150 countries.



Dr. Rigoberto Garcia
Dr. Rigoberto Garcia
Dr. Rigoberto Garcia has been serving in the Information Technology industry for more than a three decades and a half decades. As the Founders of Software Solutions Corporation™ in February 1995 and SSAI Institute of Technology, September 2019, his vision has always been to serve the community while creating meaningful contributions to society and the industry, to better the human condition. Managing customer solutions implementations, is only a tiny part of his daily accomplishments. He's a writer with more than 52 titles ranging from project management to poetry. With his subject matter expertise, has made him a valuable in the public field for project at NASA, United States Airforce, Boeing and SpaceX. He has a proven track of delivery in the private sector, serving Blue Cross & Blue Shield, General Casualty, General Motors, Archer Daniel Midland, University of Upper Iowa, Texas A & M and many other institutions around the globe. He is an expert researcher, certified instructor and leader. Currently he acts as the CEO of Software Solutions Corporation and its Chief Cloud and Security Architect.

2 thoughts on “NEWS RELEASE: Strategic Alliance strategic partnership alliance

  1. Will you be offering just XtremeLabs with your courseware. I had problems with their labs before, will the courses will be offered also thru Ascend Education site? Who is Ascend Education?

    1. 1. Will you be offering just XtremeLabs with your courseware?

      The short answer is NO. Currently, we have a temporary agreement with XtremeLabs to offer Lab-Pods to our students, While defining the final contract, However, we will continue to offer all enrolled students, access to their sandboxes – Test and Lab test environment – we will continue to support all current environment as well as new ones.

      2. Courses will be offered also thru Ascend Education site?

      That is a good question. For now all courses and courseware can be accessed thru our LMS. If you transfer to another University or Academic institution as of now you will be required to access the courseware thru your new school. It is possible that in some areas in the US, Brazil and Central America, the access to courses might be done thru both Ascend or SSAI Institute of Technology, however, that decision has not been made yet.

      Who is Ascend Education?
      Ascend Education is focused on Academic courseware, for Schools, Colleges, and Universities worldwide. We have partners with Ascend Education to deliver our Academic Courseware thru a stabilized channel. Their LMS and its integration with schools, colleges and universities is the strength needed to bring our solutions to a wider audience. It is Ascend Mission and Ethics that will make our partnership successful. For more information visit,

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