Our History

In 1994 we began a journey to find a better way to implement technology solutions. It has been now Twenty-Eight years and we continue to innovate. Our AI Drone solutions, training, cloud, and development methods continue to change and reflect the current shift in technology. Today new challenges have emerged, such as the Covid-19 Pandemic. Software Solutions has once more reacted by working within our community to strengthen our economy and alleviate the costly burden of implementing technology.

As we begin our new 2021 fiscal year Software Solutions Corporation™ is once more has begun to shift its global position thru it strategic partnerships with XtremeLabs™, Avarato™, Microsoft™, IBM™, TechnoTraining™, and many others, to provide, training and consulting solutions that change the way we implement business. Software Solutions Corporation™ has undergone a global transformation which made it possible to diversify and focus our services on emerging markets, such as Central America and Brazil. While our corporate transformation naturally requires superb strategy, it can only be achieved through pervasive inculcation enabling Software Solutions Corporation™ to continue its innovation in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data Science, and Cloud Services.

No matter what difficulties we encounter, and no matter how long and steep the road is, Software Solutions Corporation™ will delve deeply into our customers’ needs with our abundant wealth of Certified SME’s and over 300 years of combined experience and knowledge in every major industry. Our in-depth understanding of the differences in culture and business practices among various countries, regions, cultural diversities, and lingual groups, allows us to provide solutions optimized for the customer’s inherent circumstances and we work together with the customer until the work completes.

It is our promise to continue our delivery of technological innovations in order to meet the demands of our customers.  Our modernization is directly tied to our customer’s success stories.  Our real Partners are our customers, employees, and community, they help us create a better corporate transformation that will lead us into the 22nd century. As our operations continue to grow not just in North America, but also in Central America, Brazil, and globally. We are committed to delivering the best solutions at the best possible price.

Dr. Rigoberto Garcia
CEO and Founder