NEWS RELEASE: New Strategic Partnership Ascend Education


Press release no 2, 2021

Strategic Partnership between Software Solutions Corporation and Ascend Education.

February 3rd, 2020 – Software Solutions Corporation™, is thrilled to announce today that it has entered into a new strategic partnership with Ascend Education Based in Provo, UT. Ascend Education is a leading provider of Educational, Academic and Corporate courseware. As a global publisher of education courseware linked to their proprietary LMS System offer solutions to Academia, in English, Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese.  The service the need of Universities, Colleges, Private and Public schools’ system.   With active presence and well-known and well-known LMS system, Ascend Education serves the needs of numerous Universities and Colleges across the globe.

This partnership will combine Software Solutions Corporation’ business expertise as an international provider of general consulting Services, IT consulting, outsourcing, and software development, training solutions, courseware development, to create an integrated solution for learners in any lingual group.  Applying modern education technologies to their already growing catalog of offerings. It is through such partnership that among many significant business values, Software Solutions Corporation’ Educational, Consulting and Training Solutions will find another agile and prestigious Partner to continue its global growth pattern.

Dr. Rigoberto Garcia, CEO at Software Solutions Corporations. said: “We, at Software Solutions Corporation are proud to engage in such a relationship with Ascend Education. We believe that is a perfect fit for our Local and International customers that need to increase their profitability in the rapidly changing and challenging educational environment. We are looking forward into strengthening and developing this partnership further towards achieving common goals”.

Mr. Steele, CEO of Ascend Education quoted: “We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with Software Solutions Corporation. Transmitting various types of information with precision and speed is a key demand of clients in the education industry today. The ability to provide a larger set of solutions thru close collaboration is a big opportunity in an underserved market segment. We look forward to this collaboration and aim to work together, not just technically, creatively but also culturally, to reach a common goal in creating a top-notch educational solution.”

As Software Solutions Corporation continues to grow and expand, in North Central and South America, wants to offer more business value to its customers. To that extent, it became abundantly apparent that Software Solutions Corporation, together with Ascend Education, are committed to stay always motivated to achieve higher customer satisfaction through intensive technology research and system enhancements according to the trend of the maritime industry. Both companies are engaged to keep the whole Educational Community always up to date.

For further information please contact:

CEO Dr. Rigoberto Garcia
Software Solutions Corporation
(202) 379-1893
United States of North America
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Dr. Rigoberto Garcia
Dr. Rigoberto Garcia
Dr. Rigoberto Garcia has been serving in the Information Technology industry for more than a three decades and a half decades. As the Founders of Software Solutions Corporation™ in February 1995 and SSAI Institute of Technology, September 2019, his vision has always been to serve the community while creating meaningful contributions to society and the industry, to better the human condition. Managing customer solutions implementations, is only a tiny part of his daily accomplishments. He's a writer with more than 52 titles ranging from project management to poetry. With his subject matter expertise, has made him a valuable in the public field for project at NASA, United States Airforce, Boeing and SpaceX. He has a proven track of delivery in the private sector, serving Blue Cross & Blue Shield, General Casualty, General Motors, Archer Daniel Midland, University of Upper Iowa, Texas A & M and many other institutions around the globe. He is an expert researcher, certified instructor and leader. Currently he acts as the CEO of Software Solutions Corporation and its Chief Cloud and Security Architect.